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Happy School Days

Wipe away those tears and get ready to smile as your child embarks on his grand school adventure

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Up until now you have been solely responsible for teaching your child everything they know. However, you are now at a point where you are giving someone else the authority to take on this important role.

How you can let go and allow the teacher to take on their role:

•    Be assured that you and the teacher have the same goal – a happy and confident child who is keen to
•    Most teachers have chosen the profession because they love what they do – they want to provide the best
      for your child – have confidence in their ability to nurture and inspire.
•    They have trained for many years to become a teacher and have specialised in the workings of a child’s
      mind in the same way that a doctor is trained in medicine, or a solicitor is trained in law.
•    Although you know your child best, the experience from the years that a teacher has spent working with
      other children enriches their understanding of how to get the most out of every personality.
•    Remember that your child’s teacher will never replace you in your child’s affections.

What teachers want from you as a parent:

•    Recognise your child’s teacher as your partner in their development, this will help you utilise the school as
      a powerful tool in their development.
•    Treat teachers with respect and give teachers recognition for the hard job they do (what other professional has to work with 25 clients all in one room, all day, five days a week?).
•    Keep the lines of communication open. Planned meetings, informal discussions and a home log book can
      all help overcome difficulties more effectively than simply leaving them for the teacher to ‘fix’.
•    Offer teachers praise, where appropriate, for a job well done. We all appreciate positive feedback in our
•    If you can, offer to help out in the class (but don’t be offended if at first teachers decline your offer: it can
      be distracting for children to have parents in the classroom until they are settled).

As a parent it can be difficult to accept that this is a giant leap in your child’s life where they are becoming more independent. If necessary, put on a brave face as you drop off your child, and then go round the corner to weep.

After all, in only a matter of hours your child will come bounding out full of stories of the things they've done and the new friends they've made.

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Dry up your tears and don't allow anything to frustrate you or your lovely child. Sure, we face with some issue and complicated situations but it's not the reason to be down. Doesn't matter it's a school time or not just keep smiling to problems and help your kids because they can be disappointed easier. Sometimes, they can't manage with homework writing and you don't have enough time to give tips. But it's easy to find an online service to use likewise and all your problems are gone. However, don't forget to use it wisely. And your school time won't be a nightmare any longer.

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 13:16

Junior magazine thank you for the post on the school days also at These school days were indeed the best, I miss being young and living life to the fullest, good post share.

Posted: 15/05/2018 at 12:55

School days were the best days, man. Me and my friends used to have so much fun back then. Now, most of them are working at the site and they don't have the time to meet up with me. It's just a sad story.

Posted: 15/05/2018 at 16:54

Wow i never saw this coming actually and to think its even linked with as well, anyways i am glad these kids are having a nice back to school reunion and these kids are very cute as well, and happy !

Posted: 21/06/2018 at 12:50

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