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Bill Granger's BBQ ideas

Australia's sunniest chef offers tips for a gourmet barbecue

Posted: 20 April 2010
by Suzanne Milne

When it comes to planning your next barbecue, make it a gourmet occasion with these five pointers from Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger. 

1. Plan the menu as if you were in a restaurant  What would you want on one plate? Stick to the combination that you think will work for that one plate. Also use a single region as a guide for the cuisine – after all, there's no flavour logic to having a Tuscan-style steak with a Thai-style noodle salad. 

2. Prepare a long cocktail  Have drinks ready for guests upon arrival – select a cocktail whose flavours will complement your menu, one that can be enjoyed outdoors, and one that will last more than a few minutes. 

3. Create an outdoor serving area  In the restaurant business, we call these 'waiting stations'. Whether it's a cocktail bar, an ice-cream servery, or even a hamburger counter, just take your cue from your featured dishes. A little table and a few tools of the trade will do the trick. 

4. Get people involved  Have a few marinades and dressings prepared. Most salads can be made earlier in the day, then kept chilled in the fridge. Then ask your guests to help – a barbecue is a communal event!

5. Do a preview tasting for children  The last thing you want to be doing when you are ready to settle down to eat your dinner is checking whether your child's food is cut into small enough portions, so prepare and serve their meals first. 

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