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The Fashion Inside Scoop: Rigby & Peller

We chat exclusively to a top stylist at Rigby & Peller: the lingerie label and stylists by appointment to her Majesty the Queen

Rigby & Peller offer a beautiful selection of branded maternity and nursing bras, like this Anita set, alongside gorgeous lingerie and flattering swimwear
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Can you tell me a little about what you do?

As a lingerie stylist, at Rigby & Peller’s Conduit street store, I work closely with customers to find them the perfect fitting lingerie and to help women build their lingerie wardrobes. As well as looking out for the right size bras I also take into consideration cuts of lingerie that complement body shape, styles most suitable for outerwear, colour palettes that enhance natural complexions as well as the latest on trend collections. Every fitting is unique and complimentary. It is a bespoke service that helps women of all shapes and sizes so that they may always feel beautiful, uplifted and well supported.

FACT! In 1960 the Royal Warrant was granted to Rigby & Peller by HM. Queen Elizabeth II and in 1982 June Kenton became Grantee of the Royal Warrant as Corsetiere to HM. Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Warrant is granted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain members of the Royal Family.

How important is it for pregnant women to invest in maternity underwear?

Essential! Changes to the breasts mean that a different size or style bra may be needed during pregnancy. This is also a time when comfort and support are of a great importance to allow for the changes which occur.

Can you tell me a little about the maternity collections available at Rigby & Peller? 

The maternity collections here at Rigby & Peller have all been cherry picked for the great fit they offer, combining support and comfort.  We have recently introduced a pretty and feminine lace maternity range from a favourite brand, Anita, as this is something we are increasingly asked for by mothers-to-be.

What makes a good nursing bra are key features like an easy-to-use drop cup, one that you can operate with one hand. For a fuller bust, this ideally should have a hidden A-frame to support the breast when the cup is dropped. A stretch fabric on the cup is important as during breastfeeding it is likely that the breasts will alter in size throughout the day. And a nice wide back band and strap are important as they will support the increased weight of the breasts and add to the comfort of the bra.

Why do women need to be fitted for lingerie? 

Wearing a bra that fits you correctly is vital: well fitting lingerie should be the foundation to every great outfit but 43 per cent of women have never had a lingerie fitting, and you would be surprised how many are wearing the wrong size bras that don’t offer the correct support or comfort.

When you are pregnant it is even more important to be fitted because there are so many changes to the breasts. The breasts may grow in size by anything from one cup size upwards, the breast tissue will become heavier and most women experience tenderness or soreness. During the third trimester, as the baby grows and abdomen expands, the ribcage will also expand. A trained lingerie stylist will understand all of these points and will be able to assist with sizing and style accordingly, recommending the best product not only for the present, but also bearing in mind the changes which may still occur.

How can lingerie help boost a new mums confidence?

Lingerie can help a new mum by making her feel comfortable and thus confident about her body. A well fitting bra will lift and centre the breasts, giving her a great silhouette under her clothes.

What is the difference between underwired and non-underwired bras with regards to support and look?

An underwired bra will almost always offer more uplift and a better shape than a non-wired bra. An underwire may not always be suitable during and immediately post pregnancy, so we also offer a range of supportive soft cup bras which have great features such as power mesh panels and wide underbands in order to give a better shape and support.

What do you think are the most important things to include in your lingerie wardrobe, post-pregnancy?

For those that are breast feeding, dedicated feeding bras with a drop cup are a must-have. I would recommend having both wired and non-wired styles, wired styles for daytime and non-wired for relaxing in.

Have you got any tips for new mothers who may feel self conscious about their changing body shape?

Shapewear is always a fail safe option to give a smooth silhouette. PrimaDonna, Miracle suit and Spanx are great brands for stylish but practical shapewear. Our Lingerie Stylists are trained to assist with all body shapes and can advise on styles and cuts of garments that will best suit your figure.

Have you fitted any famous mums-to-be or new mums?

What goes on in the fitting room stays in the fitting room! We never divulge information about our customers because buying lingerie is such a personal experience.

What would you say is a classic underwear style must-have?

In terms of best sellers, a PrimaDonna Deauville is sold every two minutes worldwide. I think it’s important to have a varied lingerie wardrobe, so as well as your basic T-shirt and everyday bras it’s good to build up a mixture of different colours and shapes to suit your mood and lifestyle.  A good strapless bra is a must-have essential, but also look for shapes such as balcony, plunge, sports and shapewear to ensure you have different options for each day and activity.

What swimwear styles could you recommend for new mums who are looking for something to boost their body confidence this summer?

Look for swimsuits and bikinis with underwire for full support. Swimsuits featuring draping and ruching are flattering and will give an hourglass look. There are also lots of stylish options that feature built in control panels. Balcony bikinis with straps draw the eyes upwards and banded briefs are practical as they can be worn different ways depending on how much coverage is needed.  Then of course a wraparound pareo or sarong are always handy if you want a chic cover up.

What are your top 3 capsule maternity wardrobe must-haves?

1 – Full cup support bra, like the PrimaDonna Madison model, as stretch lace will allow for growth during pregnancy.

2 – Non-wired bra for comfort, like the Anita Safina bra.

3 – Luxury loungewear, like Donna Karan.

What is on your own lingerie wish list?

The Empreinte Irina is a great shape for summer necklines and comes in a pretty turquoise that I’ve got my eye on.  The Rigby & Peller Alondra bra in coral is really pretty, the scalloped edges give it a very feminine feel and I love wearing bright colours as it starts to get warmer. 

All the brands mentioned in the scoop are available at Rigby & Peller


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