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Joe Blogs takes a festive trip to The Dr Who Experience

Smart Boy About Town gets up close to a funny looking Santa, cuddles a Dalek and take a trip into the tardis

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Hi, it's me, Joe.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I LOVE DR WHO!! So when I got the chance to visit the Dr Who Experience at Olympia, I grabbed it. I trotted along to the Christmas grotto to see Santa – but there was something very eery going on. Take a look at these fellas – not exactly ho ho ho-ing, are they? More a case of “Woah” then run! There was a nice festive feel to the grotto – despite these ghostly ghastly Santas – with a Christmas tree decorated with teensy daleks and Kylie's outfit from the Christmas episode on the Titanic. Sadly, no sign of the diminutive Ms Minogue…

The best bit was all the interactive stuff, you coul tune into spooky sounds, or push buttons to make lights bleep and flash. I even got to drive the tardis – and we didn't crash. I learned how to dance like a scarecrow and walk like a cyberman. Then pleaded and begged and sulked in the Dr Who shop until my mummy bought me a Dr Who Dalek Factory.

So, if you love Dr Who, get on down to see the show! Looking forward to this years Christmas episode too. Shall I dress like the doctor again? NOw, where did I leave my sonic screwdriver?

Joe's wardrobe: Checked shirt by Scotch Shrunk; chinos by Next; shoes by Gola.

Love Jxx

Ps, here's my favourite festive joke. Knock, knock. WHo's there? Doctor. Doctor Who? Yes, now let me into my tardis.

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