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The charming Myleene Klass talks exclusively to Junior about her childhood

The budding childrenswear designer shares her fondest childhood memories

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Myleene Klass, songstress, classical pianist and budding designer of the beautiful Baby K range for Mothercare, speaks to Junior magazine about her fondest childhood memories

Where were you born and brought up? I was born and raised in Norfolk in a town called Gorleston.

Tell me about your family I am the eldest of three and have a younger sister, Jessie, and a brother, Don. If I had to sum us all up, I would say we are a very normal family. We have our arguments but we are also  fiercely protective of one another, especially when it comes to any situation we think the other might need help with. When we were little, we used to all squeeze onto one piano stool and play 'Trios' or 'Six Hands' on a piano! My brother will cringe when he reads this.

What were your favourite games and toys as a child? I was obsessed with mermaids and fairies. I was such a girly girl. I didn't own a pair of jeans until I hit my teens! I loved to draw and was always making things. I wouldn't describe myself as an outdoor kid. I could spend hours on my own drawing, playing with my two favourite dolls, Maxine and Fackeeka (my mum begged me to change her name, only now do I see why!!) and dressing up and torturing my brother with my sister!

What did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut, mermaid, conductor. In that order!

Do you have any particularly funny childhood memories? Going to see my dad's friend from when he was in the navy. We called him Uncle Mac. I remember feeding his horse through the window of his kitchen as the horse would poke its head through from the front garden! Also, my dad was a diver in my early childhood, and I would use his decompression chamber (usually used for the divers to avoid them getting 'the bends') as a Wendy house for my dolls. The disappointment would engulf me when I had to remove them for a poor diver who'd surfaced too quickly to replace them!

What’s your family life like? I have strived to make my family life with my partner, Gray, and daughter Ava as normal as possible. We eat breakfast and supper together at the table each day and every Sunday without fail is spent with Ava's Lola and Grandad. Gray is Irish and a real outdoorsy kind of guy. (Opposites do attract!) He often takes Ava on two-mile walks through the forest near us after dinner while I clear up.

Would you like Ava to follow your footsteps into showbiz? I am so anti the scary stage school theatre school mum having seen it all close up, I just want Ava to grow up normally, surrounded by love, happy and not have to feel the pressure to perform or morph into some crazy showbiz mini monster!

Are your musical and creative talents inherited? On my dad's side, I come from a line of six generations of classical musicians so it was pretty inevitable music would be in my blood. On my mum's side, my grandfather was in textiles, which not many people know, so designing my own baby range, Babyk is not alien to me in the slightist. I count myself as extremely fortunate that I have a job I love and have the opportunity to do. To be able to travel the world with my little one and see the things we do together because of my job is something I don't take for granted.

 What do you do in your spare time? What everyone else does. Take Ava to the cinema, meet my girlfriends for coffee and a catch up, and sleep!!  

Tell me three interesting facts about yourself

1. I have hyper-extended arms. They bend backwards at a crazy freaky angle from the elbow, so can play the piano backwards.

2. My clothes range Babyk for Mothercare has grown so quickly in three years as a franchise in 13 countries and stretched to toys and buggies that my next ambition is to conquer another 10 countries by the end of next year.  

3. At school I wore my hair scraped back and had thick black glasses (not unlike now!) so my nickname was Penfold (as in Dangermouse)

 The new Autumn/Winter BabyK range is available at Mothercare

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