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Meet the man behind the Marley Spoon family meal boxes [INTERVIEW]

We chat to Till Neatby, founder of fresh recipe meal box company, Marley Spoon, to find out why he has introduced family meal boxes - and why you should be ordering them...

Posted: 19 November 2015
by Catherine Hudson

Marley Spoon was started by Till Neatby and Fabian Siegel in 2014. With extensive business experience behind them, these old friends – both of whom have families - wanted to bring a new food experience to homes throughout the UK and beyond. Marley Spoon was created to provide families, couples and friends alike with a convenient and new dining experience, bringing cooking back to the heart of the home.

We meet Till Neatby, co-founder of Marley Spoon...

Why do families need recipe boxes?

We created Marley Spoon’s Family Boxes to provide families with healthy, fast and easy recipes, which are delivered with the exact quantities of farm-fresh ingredients needed to cook them at home. The convenience of having everything delivered directly to your doorstep means that there’s less time to waste planning and shopping for your family’s evening meals, and more time to enjoy cooking and eating together!

Can you tell us about the new Family Box from Marley Spoon?

The new Family Box has been created especially for British families, providing delicious, easy-to-follow recipes. It’s ideal for fussy eaters as you can pick exactly what goes into your box from the menu, with the option of cooking two, three or four times per week. All of our dishes have been tried and tested by our Marley Spoon chefs before being packed up with everything needed to get cooking – you just have to add a few cupboard essentials.

Why did you feel there was a need for another recipe delivery box?

At Marley Spoon we believe in providing a delightful, convenient and sustainable alternative to supermarket shopping. The food industry is huge in the UK, but we wanted our customers to have a more interesting home cooking experience than popping a ready meal in the microwave or cooking the same recipes night on night - but crucially, with maximum convenience.

How easy are the recipes to follow?

All of our recipes are outlined in six easy steps, so there’s little room for error. As well as this we send all ingredients in the exact quantities you need, meaning that it shouldn’t take longer than 30 - 40 minutes to get dinner from box to plate.

Have you read... our family recipe hub from Marley Spoon filled with inspiring ideas such as cheesy veggie enchiladas and paprika meatballs

Till Neatby and Fabian Siegel

Do you follow food trends?

Our team are constantly on the look-out for the latest trends, always delving into food magazines, chatting to our favourite chefs and foodies, and listening to our customers. We try to incorporate interesting flavours and ingredients into every dish in a way that can be replicated time after time.

What are your favourite family dishes?

Both Fabian and I have families so understand the struggle of feeding lots of little mouths who all have different ideas about what they want for dinner! The winning dishes that are big hits in our households, and subsequently have been featured on the Family Box menu, are meatballs with red pepper sauce & spaghettiand sticky marmalade chicken with mash.

Why do you think good design is important, in terms of branding - especially for parents?

Marley Spoon is a flexible membership, so we know how important it is for our boxes to delight our customers week after week. The creative team understand that cooking for your family can sometimes be stressful so we work hard to make sure that every step is a smooth one and provides an exciting experience from the box itself, to the recipes cards, hand written notes and welcome booklets.

Socca pizza

What are your future plans for the brand?

First thing’s first, we are excited to see how the new Family Box is received – it’s been a long time coming. Who knows what’ll be next? In a fast-paced start-up like Marley Spoon, anything’s possible!

What are the top three family foods you couldn’t live without?

Top one - bananas, for my 15-month old daughter it’s the one thing that always works. Secondly, things that stick well to a spoon like risotto or mash. Last but not least foods that you can play around with, spaghetti for example is awesome.

What is the recipe you wish you had created?

Tough question. I am amazed by natural processes like fermentation that turn a simple product into something more nutritious, preservable over months and delicious. Or how you magically change flour into a croissant ;)

Finally, if you could have one superhero skill to help you with your daily tasks – what would it be and why?

Time manipulation - I guess that’s a power everyone would like to possess, but being a parent this would be even more valuable. Speeding up that half hour something needs to bake (and cool down) while your kid can’t wait for it or stopping the clock to brush their teeth and get them ready to bed without them wiggling away - and still have time to spend with your wife afterwards. Sometimes invisibility would come in pretty handy as well, especially on Sunday mornings...


Colourful, clear imagery and instructions come with every Marley Spoon recipe


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