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New parents: What to eat and where to find it

Skipping meals? You're not the only one. Ocado launches nutrition aisle for new parents to combat hunger pangs.

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Once a new baby comes along, it's not only your house that will be turned upside down. Big changes in your priorities may mean that remembering to eat meals yourself, rather than getting caught in a never-ending cycle of clean, sleep, change, repeat, drops way down your list of things 'to do'. 

Supermarket, Ocado, discovered that the stress of the first week at home sets nearly two thirds of new parents on the wrong track when it comes to regularly eating healthily after the baby arrives.

In addition, two thirds said that they turned to convenient ready meals and takeaways to ensure they ate something during the day as they didn’t have time to go to the supermarket for fresh ingredients.

So, in response to the overwhelming need for a healthy solution, Ocado has launched an online 'parenting aisle' - an online hub of food and meal suggestions for the early stages of parenthood, from being pregnant through becoming a new parent, postnatal women and a section for breastfeeding women. 

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