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Three of the best Father's Day gifts 2015

Ditch the tat and treat the dad in your life to one of these top three gift ideas

Put an end to dad's bad jokes...
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Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is a gift that will keep the whole family happy all year round. Cortana is available on Microsoft Lumia 640 and exists to help the user remember important things as well as keeping you up to date with news and info you are actually interested in. 

Unlike clunky digital assistants before Cortana, this one is user friendly and extremely helpful. Need to remember to pick up milk? Using GPS technology, Cortana will remind you when you walk past your local supermarket on the way home. It is like having a personal assistant with you ready with a notebook and pen! The search is proactive and Cortana listens to searches the user types in and learns to suggest restaurants, news sources and great day out ideas, thanks to a partnership with Trip Advisor. Need to make someone laugh? Put an end to dad's 'hilarious' jokes and just ask Cortana to tell you a funny. Want to find out what Disney films are on Netflix? Ask Cortana. 

We had a demonstration with Microsoft’s Head of Product Marketing for Skype, Bing & Cortana UK, Kevin Stagg. Cortana is so insightful, that it will even remind you to call your own dad to wish him a happy father's day - very handy. You can ask Cortana questions in natural language - like, "Will it be sunny in Greenwich this weekend?", or, perhaps more likely, "Will I ned an umbrella in Greenwich this weekend?"

Often, Cortana will present the answer to a question as a web page. So, if you ask "What is the closest burger restaurant to me?", it will use GPS technology to locate where you are and use Trip Advisor reviews to give you the top three burger restaurants nearby. Mind. Blown.

We also gave Cortana a proper test run at London's Madame Tussauds, asking questions from "How tall is Jennifer Lawrence?" to "What was Bobby Moore's position?". This gave an extra dimension to our family day out, and we all learned something. 

We are certain that dad will appreciate the exciting new technology. If nothing else, the call reminders and speedy search for nearby restaurants to avoid hunger-related meltdowns, would prove extremely useful indeed.


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