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Five ways to pack an eco-friendly lunch

Posted: 23 December 2011
by Junior

1 Reduce, reuse, recycle
The detritus of just one junior school pupil’s packed lunch generates a huge 30kg of waste per school year!

2 Get rid of unnecessary packaging
If you must wrap sandwiches, use recycled aluminium foil (£2.95 from and then take it to your nearest aluminium recycling point. To find out where, visit

3 Opt for fresh foods
Instead of crisps, cereal bars, mini cheese portions and yoghurts, pack sandwiches, pasta salads, fresh fruit and home-made cake.

4 Use a refillable drink bottle
Reduce waste by saying no to throwaway juice cartons, one-a-day water bottles, cans or fruit pouches. Make sure you thoroughly clean the sports bottle after every use.

5 Invest in a lunch box
A good, insulated lunch box can be reused and is much greener than a carrier bag that gets thrown away after one use.

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