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Seven secrets to having an eco-friendly Christmas

Why not do your bit for the environment this festive season?

Posted: 21 November 2013
by Kelly Beswick

She began to doubt the weatherman's snowy predictions...

1.    Don’t forget to pack a stash of old carrier bags when you go Christmas present shopping. Okay, so they might not look as attractive as brand new ones, but it’s far more eco-friendly.

2.    If you must send traditional paper Christmas cards, as opposed to e-cards, make sure they are made from recycled paper. Charity shops are a great place to find ethically produced cards.

3.    Rather than automatically turning up the central heating when the house gets a bit chilly over the Christmas holidays, why not slip on that rather fetching woolly jumper that your great aunt Ethel gave you?

4.    Resist the temptation to tear open your presents on Christmas morning, carefully removing the wrapping paper instead. That way you’ll be able to reuse it, whether for wrapping next year’s presents, making decorations or covering books.

5.    Not only can you recycle cards, you can recycle stamps too. Cut them out, leaving a 3mm margin around them, then pop them in a bag and take them to your local Oxfam shop.

6.    Want to do wonders for your garden? Then don’t throw away all the food scraps in the bin. Use them to create a compost heap instead.

7.    Gift buying can be a tricky business, but just remember one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, so take any unwanted presents to the charity shop for others to enjoy.

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Eco-friendly is stuff not only popular as a part of modern culture, but it's actually very good for the nature, as I read on EduBirdie. It's very good that this lifestyle is shared by so many people and that we try to raise our children this way.

Posted: 13/11/2017 at 22:10

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