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Fussy eaters, with TV Paediatrician, Dr Ranj Singh [VIDEO]

See funny reactions from kids who are in a fussy phase about what they eat

Posted: 18 December 2015
by Catherine Hudson

"This chicken is too... chickeney..." - sound familiar? A new film launched by health and nutrition company, Abbott, presents an experiment that shows what happened when a group of fussy eaters (aged 4-6) were invited to lunch, hosted by TV Paediatrician, Dr Ranj Singh.

The film shows genuine reactions from eight kids, deemed 'fussy eaters' by their parents, who were presented with a plate of foods they don’t like...

1.       What meat do you like to eat?

“I eat the chicken skin but I don’t eat the chicken…it’s too chickeny” Leo, six years old

2.       Why don’t children like Brussels sprouts?

“Because they’ve got disgusting vitamins in them” Joshua, six years old

3.       What would you do if your child was a fussy eater?

“I would first freak out. I would say if you want a piece of chocolate cake…I would make them eat their vegetables that they didn’t eat” Claudia, five years old

Although these reactions are funny, it can be difficult to deal with a child's fussy eating habits.

General Manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in the UK and Ireland, Gary Hall says: “Research by PaediaSure Shake earlier this year revealed that almost two thirds of parents worry that their child is not getting sufficient nutrients for proper growth, and one in four regularly give up trying to get their fussy eaters to eat healthily. What’s more, the majority of parents with fussy eaters described existing advice as too preachy and two fifths agreed that most parenting advice in the media is impractical.

We launched and  - to give parents practical solutions that work in the real world and a community to help them support each other as they work through this tricky phase.”


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