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'Getting fit after having a baby': A 'how to' series of exercises - Part one: 'The squat'

Struggling to find motivation to feel fit? Follow editor of The Mini Post, and new mum, Orlagh's progress as she trials the CariFit exercise programme

Posted: 26 October 2015
by Catherine Hudson

Getting back into exercise after you’ve had a baby can be really daunting, hard work and extremely time consuming. We put huge pressure on ourselves to be the way we were pre-baby, when in fact we should embrace the new body and spend time rebuilding our strength. Postnatal exercise is as much about recovery as it is fitness. 

CARiFiT is a new workout designed specially for post-natal women. It’s a 30 minute cardio-resistance interval workout, which sees new mums take part in a pre-choreographed sensory music class 'wearing their baby' on their front. CARiFiT has been carefully created for mothers with babies aged six weeks to six months old, and encourages the reintroduction of exercise, as well as an opportunity for mums to get closer to their baby whilst working out.

Over the next few weeks Junior will be following the editor of tumblr blog The Mini Post, Orlagh O’Reilly, on her journey back to fitness post her second baby, Dillon.She will be sharing all the ups and downs of post pregnancy life via The Mini Post with bite sized nuggets of fitness gold. We will have a few CariFit exercises to share with you every Monday over the coming weeks and would love to hear from you, by comments below, if you manage to try any at home.

If you are interested in trying a CARiFiT class please find your nearest venue here.

Post-Natal Fitness


How to Squat Safely

Squatting is generally a safe exercise for most women to perform. There are a few basic principles that should be adhered to in order to keep your squat exercise safe for your pelvic floor and the rest of your body.

In order to avoid injury, women with pelvic floor dysfunction including after gynaecological surgery, knee problems or low back problems should adhere to the following safe squat principles.

How to Squat with Pelvic Floor Safe Technique

1.    Correct starting position involves keeping your trunk upright with your knees and feet no wider than hip width apart for pelvic floor protection

2.    Keep your toes visible in front of your knees at all times during your squat to protect your knees from stress

3.    Activate your pelvic floor muscles if you are able to prior to and during your squat

4.    Maintain the normal curve in your low back throughout your squat

5.    Avoid deep squats by keeping your hips higher than your knees throughout to minimise pressure upon your pelvic floor, knees and low back

6.    Breathe out as you push your body back to upright.

When to Avoid Squat Exercises?

During recovery from gynaecological surgery avoid squats until you are given approval to do so by your medical practitioner.

You may need to avoid or modify your squat exercises with some knee or low back conditions. Speak to your health practitioner if you have specific health concerns prior to squatting.


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