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When parents flip...

Of course we all try to be great role models for our children, but we're also human: in high-stress situations, parents make mistakes too. We show you how to manage your emotions...

Posted: 7 December 2012
by Amanda Pauley

Brain child kid
Learn to manage potential meltdowns

We've all been here before, so what do you do when you recognise that your downstairs brain has taken over and you have begun to lose your rational mind?

First, do no harm. Close your mouth to avoid saying something you'll regret. Put your hands behind your back to avoid rough physical contact.

Secondly, remove yourself from the situation and collect yourself. Try out the 'move it or lose it' technique. Do some star jumps. Try some gentle yoga stretches. Take slow, deep breaths. Do whatever it takes for you to regain control. 

Finally, repair. Reconnect with your child as soon as you're calm and feeling more in control. Then deal with whatever emotional and relational harm has been done. This may involve expressing forgiveness, but it may also require apologising and accepting responsibility for your own actions. 

For more stratergies to help your child manage his emotions, invest in 'The Whole-Brain Child' by Dr Daniel F. Siegel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson (£12.99).


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