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Christmas Pudding recipe

Make it now to let those delicious festive flavours mature

Posted: 26 November 2012
by Junior

This is my mother’s excellent Christmas pudding that’s based upon the British royal family’s sumptuous recipe. Like all Christmas puddings, it’s best made a month or so before the big day, as the taste improves as it matures. 

Makes 2, each serving 8 people


225g (8oz) shredded suet
225g (8oz) demerara sugar
225g (8oz) large raisins
225g (8oz) sultanas
115g candied peel
1/2 tsp mixed spice
 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
225g (8oz) fresh white breadcrumbs
115g (4oz) flour
115g (4oz) blanched almonds, halved
115g (4oz) glacé cherries
4 eggs 
150ml (1/4 p int) milk
1/2 wine glass of brandy


Prepare the dry ingredients and mix together. Whisk the eggs, add the milk and mix with the dry ingredients. Let the mixture stand for 12 hours in a cool place. Then add the brandy, put into greased pudding basins and cover tightly with muslin or greaseproof paper. Boil for around eight hours. Before serving, reboil for two to three hours. 

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