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Dim T

A taste of the East

Posted: 18 April 2010
by Catherine O'Dolan

“Will you please get out from under the table, NOW!” was the insistent cry of one exasperated mother. And I couldn’t help smiling to myself that (for once) I wasn’t suffering the same fate with my four-year-old son, who also has a fondness for lurking under tables. The mother in question needn’t have worried, however, because the folk at Dim T don’t even bat an eyelid at the occasionally erratic behaviour from young diners.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Highgate branch was awash with lively families taking a diversion from the traditional Sunday roast – in an easterly direction – to sample delicacies with a distinctly Asian flavour. The children’s menu at £4.50 has a choice of a Dim Sum Selection Basket or a Bento Box with either chicken or beef, rice or noodles with broccoli or edamame giving a nod to your five a day. As Grace, 13, and Joe, four, settled in to ‘spot the difference’ on the activity sheet, we nibbled on a selection of Dim Sum with little parcels of steamed fish, meat or vegetables, some tasty Chicken Yakitori skewers and two side orders of moreish edamame that disappeared in minutes. For the grown-ups, the menu features an exciting array of Asian favourites including Singapore Fried Noodles, Phad Thai, a selection of soup noodles and curries.

In fact, there’s so much choice that it’s one of those menus where you’re just not sure what to choose – and then I invariably get it wrong. I found my Teriyaki Salmon with Udon Noodles (£8.10) a little sweet and wished I’d gone for the “Healthy” option. The waitress commented on the amount of noodles that I’d left and offered to change them for thinner Japanese rice noodles or extra vegetables if I’d prefer (both are available as an alternative), but I was saving myself for dessert. While the children enjoyed their complimentary Ice Cream and Chocolate Buttons (which was a case of hunt the buttons, as they were a bit scarce), I indulged in the White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis.

As we settled our bill, we took turns to discover our fate as we opened our fortune cookies. Grace took heart from her upbeat “Don’t just think, act!”, whereas Joe was a bit non-plussed to be told, “It is just as hard to stay at the top as to get there” – perhaps because in his experience it’s easy to climb to the top of the Witch’s Hat at the playground, but rather tricky getting down. But it was my prophetic words that caused most contention. “You will be the parent of a famous child,” it read. Meaning that Grace and Joe bickered all the way home, until I explained I would probably be the parent of two famous children. 

Times: Open Mon–Sun from 12 noon–11pm.
Contact: For details of  Dim T restaurants around the UK, visit

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