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Rabbits of repute

Soft and snuggly, or bold and bouncy... we round up the vital stats on a litter of loveable bunnies

Posted: 16 February 2012
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

Nationality Dutch
Created by Dick Bruna who came up with the idea in 1955 when on holiday with his son
Why we love her Miffy’s world is stylishly simple

Peter Rabbit
Nationality English
Created by Beatrix Potter in 
The Tale Of Peter Rabbit, first published in 1901

Why we love him Cheeky Peter is beautifully illustrated and lovably naughty

Bugs Bunny
Nationality American
Created by Tex Avery gets the credit after Bugs first appeared in 1938, but other designers at Warner Brothers may have been involved
Why we love him Funny, cool and confident, Bugs will never go out of fashion. What’s up, doc?

Nationality English
Created by Ivy Wallace 
in the Forties
Why we love him Nostalgic and charming, the little white rabbit with wings has 
a heart-warming innocence

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