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Welcoming our new monthly travel columnist... Helen Wright | Junior Adventures

Frequent Flyer, travel writer and new mum - meet our Monthly Travel Columnist Helen Wright on the highs and lows of being a #travelmum on her year long adventures with her son Finn...

Posted: 30 June 2017
by Helen Wright
helen Wright Junior Travel columnist | passportstamps | junior
Helen a.k.a #travelmum

Meet Helen... our new travel columnist who will be sharing her year long travel adventures only on Junior

Snapping my seatbelt in place, I gazed at the low sun setting over Mykonos airport as our plane headed for the runway. I am always sad to go home after a week at the beach but this wasn’t just the end of a great holiday: for me it was the end of an era.

At 27-weeks-pregnant, our flight home to London would be my last as a carefree, non-tired, non-mum. I had no idea what the next year would bring, let alone how long it might be before I would be again drinking overpriced wine from a plastic cup and stuffing my well-travelled backpack under the seat in front.

As a journalist and travel blogger, I was averaging between one or two trips per month and so when I announced my pregnancy in summer 2016, my friends, family and even complete strangers were quick to point out that I would have to say goodbye to my ‘jet set lifestyle’. 

Of course, I would nod along and log the comments in with the helpful ‘stock up on sleep now’ and ‘never wake a sleeping baby’ advice but in the back of my mind there was a part of me just itching to deliver my son, pack his suitcase and prove them all wrong.   

I’ll spare you the middle bit – swollen ankles, heartburn, a three-day labour and some very sore boobs later, my little travel companion has arrived and he is excellent.

Meet Finn!

This mini-adventurer is almost four-months-old now and we’re getting ready for our first weekend away as a family with daddy, Simon.

To ease ourselves in gently we’ve planned a low-key cottage break in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. This is our version of the bunny slope ahead of a looming black run next month - a ten-hour flight to California. And much like skiing, I have the gear but no idea.

Now the miniature foghorn is here, I’m not sure I really appreciated the peaceful Grecian sunset as much as I should have, but there’s no way I am backing out now. As a wriggly, hiccupping bump, Finn flew 17 times and clocked up 15,000 air miles.

I’m hoping, therefore, he was born already set to airplane mode and I’ll somehow have created a frequent flying cross between Richard Branson and David Attenborough – passport in hand and braced for landing.

You never know…


helen Wright Junior Travel columnist | passportstamps | junior
Enjoying some 'kid free' travel was all part of the day job...

helen Wright Junior Travel columnist | passportstamps | junior
Helen and her boys: Simon and Finn

Helen Wright Junior Travel columnist | Junior Travel

If you’ve got your own dribbling explorer in tow, follow our adventures here and if you’ve got any tips, tricks or advice to offer, drop me a line in the talkback comments section below.

Just like skiing, my basic plan is to focus on where I’m going, stay on my feet and enjoy the ride.

Follow Helen and Finn’s travels on Instagram @helenwrites and @passportbaby

Find more travel tips and reviews visit Helen's blog at

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